Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rock Dust an important addition to any soil

Rock dust is such an important addition to our soil that we must get the word out to all farmers and gardeners. There has been so much loss of our almost irreplaceable top soil that the nutrients supplied by rock dust must be added to decrease the onslaught of so many diseases and to restore the health of the population.When rock dust is added in sufficient amounts,the bacteria in our soil are able to extract and make available to the plants many of the nutrients that they are unable to take up when they are grown in a chemical environment.It is proven that the benefits are almost immediate that I am amazed that politicians have not got on the band-wagon and insisted on agriculture and horticulture discarding the chemicals and to grow food organically. Look at Cuba- the USA did them a favor when they stopped chemicals being exported.There is no truth to the argument that chemicals produce heavier crops. Organically grown food has so much more nutrients that more goodness is produced on less land--plus the fact that the chemically grown plants are so weak that they attract diseases and pests that need more expensive chemicals to keep the pests under control. If we do nothing then nothing will happen.Start with fellow gardeners, let them prove for themselves the truth--then work your way up from there!

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