Friday, October 14, 2011

Bio-char TLUD stove- my newly built effort- works perfectly!

On my 5 acres I have lots of stuff lying around ( some day I will use it!) so finding a few 55 gallon barrels was easy! The stove took about 3 hours to build- here are some pictures of the results.

On this barrel I had to drill 40 holes for the updraft effect. This was quite tedious but not difficult.
This is the afterburner/adapter that goes on top of the first barrel.
This is the completed stove ready to be filled with wood waste and produce bio-char!
This is one wheelbarrow load of kindling cut from some slabs from a local mill.
Nearly full with added twigs- when completely full I will light a fire on the top- let it burn to cinders- rake it over the top of the fuel wood waste- put on the afterburner and the chimney and make bio-char.
After all the hard work- perfect results! Not only an addition to my soil but a fuel for my forge as well!

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